High Quality Handmade Gothic style Cabinet in

Gothic Cabinet in excellent condition. Never been used. Bought for son before he was diagnosed with Cancer, in which he died. It has stood in a room for approximately 35 years ago. Home has been sold and it must go. Pictures speak for themselves. 3.6x1.8x.55 meters (WxHxD). appraised by R. Fell Möbel at 30,000 euros, asking 3000 euros. See attached appraisal letter from R. Fell Möbel. They did not build it as the company who built it is no longer in business. Seller is Frau (Gertrud) Schmidt. She is elderly woman and widow. She sold her house and the furniture must go. Phone number: 06337 1315 This ad was posted by Stars and Stripes. If interested, don't send message on here, call Frau Schmidt.
Category: Antiques
Location: Kaiserslautern
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